Environmental Education

In Los Angeles and Orange Counties, areas which is becoming increasingly urbanized, many residents do not clearly understand the applicability of environmental issues to their daily lives.  It is essential that the public understand the importance of making a pledge to reduce their impact, and to spread the word.  That way we can all take on a role in protecting the planet.  ACF seeks viable training programs for all age groups to raise awareness of the importance of becoming active in the environmental agenda.

Los Angeles and Orange Counties still contain many valuable areas suitable for recreation, as well as habitat for species that remain. In this context, education of city residents regarding the merits of environmental issues is essential both to achieving conservation goals and sustaining future viability.  While we love going to Yellowstone and Joshua Tree, there is watchable wildlife in LA and the OC.

ACF is strongly committed to programs which raise environmental awareness in populations adjacent to corridors and natural areas.  Their daily habits can change how the wildlife acts.   Residents living further from these areas are often ignorant and fearful of the natural world.  ACF encourages programs to increase familiarity with the natural areas, though clients may not come in contact with these issues in their daily lives.  This support includes programs like Inspiring Connections Outdoors and identification of lesser-known areas near the city where residents can discover with their families an understanding of the importance of maintaining the value of areas which provide environmental value.

[Header image: Vincente Baldwin]