ACF Grant Guidelines


The ACF occasionally provides funds for  non-Angeles Chapter projects, but there is extra scrutiny on the relationship of the grant and Angeles Chapter priorities.

Note that normally the ACF operates on a reimbursement basis unless the applicant is a 501 c (3) organization.

As an applicant you should provide the following information to the Angeles Chapter Foundation in the following order:

  1. Brief description of the project (no more than one page)
  2. Explanation of how the project will support the mission of the Angeles Chapter Foundation
  3. Explanation of how the project fits within the funding priorities of the Angeles Chapter Foundation
  4. Budget:
    1. Total cost of the project
    2. Amount requested from the Angeles Chapter Foundation (ACF)
    3. Detailed description of how the ACF funds will be spent – (staffing, materials, equipment, marketing, training, contracts, etc.)
  5. Plans to recognize ACF as a funding source
  6. Plans to report back to ACF about project results – accomplishments, successes, lessons learned, etc.
  7. Timeline:
    1. Project timeline – include a list of actions and who is responsible for ensuring each action is accomplished; provide specific dates if possible
    2. When are funds needed from the Angeles Chapter Foundation?
  8. Contact information:
    1. Name, phone number and email address of person(s) who can best answer questions about the request for funds
    2. Name, phone number and email address of person(s) responsible for overseeing project implementation
    3. Organizational information, if relevant, including tax status, address, phone, email, website.

Please submit your funding request to:
Paul Sailer
Angeles Chapter Foundation
3200 Wilshire Boulevard,  Suite 111-55
Los Angeles, CA  90010

For questions about the application process, please contact:
Paul Sailer, 310.472.9800

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