The Angeles Chapter Foundation (ACF) is a 501(c)3 organization which primarily funds the charitable and educational activities of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.

ACF is committed to providing supplemental funding for Chapter activities that will allow the Chapter’s programs to develop and prosper.  Recent grants have included supporting the Chapter’s publications, Conservation Committee initiatives and Inspiring Connections Outdoors programs which take groups of young people on day outings and overnight ventures into natural areas.

For a more personal message on behalf of the board check out the President’s message.  The ACF Board meets monthly to conduct business and plan future  activities.  For meeting times and locations send us a note at info@angeleschapterfoundation.org

Annual Financial Reports and other information is available at www2.Guidestar.org  EID# 95-4112557

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


photo: Robert Cates

How is the Foundation affiliated with the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter?

  • ACF was founded by leaders from the Angeles Chapter, who saw needs that weren’t fully met by The Sierra Club Foundation when donors wanted their funds to go to a local foundation.
  • To maintain that connection the ACF Board usually selects its new directors from among the leaders of the Angeles Chapter.
  • ACF manages several endowment funds; the earnings from these funds are provided to the Chapter.
  • Some donors to the Chapter wish to have their donation be tax deductible — they can do that and have their donation available for the Chapter’s charitable projects immediately.
  • Some Angeles Chapter conservation subcommittees do not have bank accounts.  They collect donations for their major projects, such as litigation, publications, and research, and deposit them in an ACF account for their project.
  • The Angeles Chapter Foundation can receive grants from public agencies — something the Angeles Chapter cannot do.  In the past, over $100,000 was collected from agencies to support park planning and research in the San Gabriel Valley.
  • The ACF and the Angeles Chapter cooperate when soliciting donations; they are not in competition.
[Header image: Jeff Yann]