Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the Angeles Chapter Foundation?
The Angeles Chapter Foundation is a public charity which primarily funds the charitable and educational programs of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Q: Who runs the Foundation?
The Foundation is governed by a board of directors who have a long history of service with the Angeles Chapter.

Q: Are my donations deductible?
Yes, donations to the Foundation are fully deductible, to the extent allowed by IRS tax rules.

Q: How do you give out grants?
Please refer to Grant Guidelines.

Q: What is your investment policy?
The Foundation’s endowment assets are invested in a variety of stocks and mutual funds to earn a stable and growing income.

Q: How can I help?
The most effective long-term way you can support the mission of the Foundation and the Angeles Chapter programs is to include one of the Angeles Chapter Foundation Endowments in your will or trust, or make a Foundation endowment the beneficiary of your bank or stock brokerage account or life insurance policy.

The Foundation also welcomes donations.

If you have specific skills you would like to offer, or want to volunteer as a liaison with a Angeles Chapter group or section you belong to, please let us know.

For more information or to indicate your interest in helping, please contact us at info@angeleschapterfoundation.

Q: I want to look at your tax filing.
Our IRS Form 990 for 2013 is available.

Q: Can I restrict how my donation is used?
Yes, the Angeles Chapter Foundation has endowments devoted to specific purposes and programs.  These include:

Some Angeles Chapter groups and sections maintain accounts at the Angeles Chapter Foundation and you can make donations to these accounts.

You can also make donations or bequests for a specific purpose.  For more information contact us at info@angeleschapterfoundation.

Q:  How is the Foundation connected to the Angeles Chapter of The Sierra Club?
The Foundation’s primary purpose is to support the Angeles Chapter’s educational and environmental programs that are non-political and non-legislative.

Q:  Does the Foundation invest in “green” companies?
Yes, the Investment Policy is to invest in companies that on balance are not harmful to the public and the environment.

Q:  Can I attend meetings?
The Foundation’s meetings are open to the public.  To attend, notify us of your interest in attending a meeting.  Occasional sensitive issues are discussed in closed meetings.

Q:  Where are meetings held?

Meetings are held at various locations. If you wish to attend a meeting, please contact us in advance for information.

Q:  What are the Angeles Chapter Foundation’s administrative expenses?

The Foundation has few expenses because all work is done by its volunteer directors, with no staff expenses.

The Foundation does incur some administrative expenses, including insurance, bookkeeping, and printing and postage for fundraising mailings.

Q:  What is the best way for me to support the Angeles Chapter through the Foundation?
Any type of support is welcome.  The most effective way to provide long-term support to the Angeles Chapter through the Foundation is by funding an existing endowment through your will or trust, or by creating your own endowment.

The Angeles Chapter Foundation currently has several endowments:

Most money from large bequest that are not specifically designated for one of these endowments is added to the Foundation’s board-designated endowment.

Q:  How Does the Foundation invest the funds in its endowments?
The ACF invests mainly in well established companies with a history of growing earnings and dividends.  Most of these companies will be in mutual fund portfolios like Vanguard’s Dividend Growth Fund. Currently the ACF endowment accounts earn approximately 5% a year.

Q:  What is an endowment?
An endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization for the ongoing support of that organization. The principal amount is kept intact while the investment income is available for use.

Q:  How can I contribute to an endowment?
The easiest way is to name the endowment in your will or trust. Here is language you can use to include an Angeles Chapter Endowment in your Will or Trust.

Q:  Can I create my own endowment?
Yes.  While the existing Foundation endowments should meet needs of most donors,  if you have some specified purpose, you can create your own endowment.

We advise you to consult with us first so we can help you structure the endowment to accomplish your purposes.

Q:  Can I make a donation to an endowment during my lifetime.

Q:  Can I get help with my will or trust, if I want to include the Foundation in my will or trust?
Yes, contact us at info@angeleschapterfoundation.

Q:  Can I give money for a specific purpose?
Yes.  Simply include a letter with your check stating the purpose of the donations.

If you want to make a bequest in your will or trust for a specific purpose, you can name one of the Foundation endowments as the beneficiary; or if you want to make a bequest for another purpose, simply contact us at info@angeleschapterfoundation.

Q:  How difficult is it to add an Angeles Chapter Foundation endowment to my will or trust?
It is easy.  You can simply include this language from our Wills and Trusts page.

Q:  Are there other ways to leave money to an Endowment
Yes, one of the simplest ways is to name the endowment as a beneficiary on a bank account or stock brokerage account.

When you open a bank account, or have a life insurance policy, or have a stock brokerage account, you can name a beneficiary.

If you name an Angeles Chapter Foundation endowment as your beneficiary, then assets will automatically be transferred to the endowment upon your death.

If you already have a stock brokerage account, or bank account, you can easily change the beneficiary to the Angeles Chapter Foundation, or make the Foundation one of the beneficiaries, by filling out a form the bank or brokerage will provide you upon request.

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